Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Zionist war planes targeted a house of Al Dalw family in Nassr Street

The Zionist war planes targeted a house of Al Dalw family in Nassr Street , 10 of the Family were killed , and there are other two were lost , the names of the martyrs today and Especially from there family are :
1- Samah Al Dalw 25 years , she is the other of the 4 children
2- Ibrahem Al Dalw 11 months
3- Jamal Al Dalw 6 years old
4- Yousif Al Dalw 5 years old
5- Sara Al Dalw 3 years old
6- Mohammed Al Dalw the father of the children 28 years old
7- Suhila Al Dalw 50 years old the grandmother of the chiildren
8- Ranin Al Dalw 22 years old , the aunt of the children
9- Yara Al Dalw 24 years old " lost"
10 - Mohammed Al Dalw . one of the relatives "lost"
11- Abdullah Mzanar 20 years old , neighbor
12. Amina Mzanar 80 years old , neighbor
13- Mohammed Al A'af 31 years old , he was passing the street
14- Sami Al Ghafeer 23 years old " from Al Shijaia east of Gaza city"

In Nusirat they targeted other house , there were 2 martyrs :
14- Atia Mobarak 53 years old
15 Husam Abu Shawish
also there was airstrike on a house in Al Maghazy camp , 4 children injured , one of them lost his eye and other one was injured in his head then they targeted 2 civilians a father and his son , then the airstrikes targeted a medical clinic , 3 ambulances damaged , after that they targeted a house of Marwan Issa in Al Buriej camp , now there is an airstrike on Biet Lahia and other on Zaitun . right now the number of the martyrs is 69 , more than 670 injuried 75% of them are children and women
5 minutes ago they targeted a motorcycle , 2 Palestinians were killed , they arrived to the hospital as pieces one of them is Nabil Ahmed Abu Amra 28 years old , the other is Ahmed Hamed Abu Amra 26 years old , they targeted the house Rafie Salama in Al Amal quarter in the west Khan Younis 2 times the first by drones then by 3 F16 missiles

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