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Orang kritian komen pasal tok guru!! —

Undi BN.. GST 6% akan di kenakan kepada rakyat... itu janji.. janji di tepati!

Undi BN.. GST 6% akan di kenakan kepada rakyat... itu janji.. janji di tepati! 

sehati sejiwa


We actually remember these photos when they were published by Lens Young Homsi. We are extremely saddened by the deaths of Maryam & Yasin Sabbagh. To the highest heaven our angels.

- The mother, father and siblings bid them farewell

- The father prays to God to take his right from Bashar Al-Assad

- The two children

Moscow begins evacuation of Russians from The Syria

he Russian government has said it is sending two planes to Lebanon to evacuate Russians from Syria, the first such effort since the uprising against Bashar al-Assad began in March 2011.

The emergency situations ministry said two of its planes would fly to Beirut on Tuesday to bring home more than 100 Russians.

The announcement appears to reflect Moscow's increasing doubts about Assad's ability to cling to power and growing concerns about the safety of its citizens. Russia's foreign ministry has said it has contingency plans in place to evacuate thousands of Russians from Syria.

Russia has been the main ally of Assad since the start of the conflict, using its veto power at the United Nations security council to shield the Syrian president from sanctions.

The feeling all around is mutual!


Local Coordination Committees in Syria
With the end of Monday, the LCC managed to document 110 martyrs (including 8 children and 6 women), 31 martyrs were reported in Aleppo, 26 in Damascus and its Suburbs, 17 martyrs in Homs, 12 martyrs in Daraa, 10 martyrs in Hama, 9 martyrs in Idlib, 3 martyrs from Raqqa who martyred in Daraa and 2 martyrs in Deir Ezzor

The Local Coordination Committees documented 260 points that were targeted by shells across Syria, including 21 points that were shelled by warplanes, 4 points using TNT barrels, 4 points using cluster bombs, 2 with vacuum and phosphorus bombs; 124 points were shelled with heavy artillery; 78 points were shelled with mortars; 56 points were shelled with missiles

The Free Syrian Army clashed with the regime forces in 113 locations, during which they liberated the Almashlab checkpoint in Raqqa, and targeted a youth building housing shabiha in Hama. The FSA repelled several attempts by the regime forces to storm Daraya and East Ghouta. The FSA also managed to destroy several mechanisms belonging to regime forces across Syria


You know the regime is running out of men when they start recruiting women as assad thugs. In Homs, the graveyard of the shabeeha (thugs) the regime has set up a Women's National Defense Unit, although the women are calling themselves 'The Commando's". It reminds us of rifaat assad's women thugs in the 80's, where they were employed on the streets to violently force off the headscarves off women's heads.

More pics off the new women commando thugs in the link:


The Local Coordination Committees in Syria
By the end of Tuesday, the LCC was able to document 164 martyrs across Syria, including 12 women and 22 children. 71 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its suburbs, including 8 martyrs in Medira and 8 who had been field-executed in Douma; 32 martyrs were reported in Daraa; 14 in Aleppo; 13 in Homs; 11 in Hama; 11 in Idlib; 11 in Deir Ezzor; and 1 in Lattakia

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria was able to document 278 points of shelling, including 13 sites that were subjected to aerial shelling. Regime forces used barrel bombs on 3 areas across Syria and 1 area was subjected to cluster and thermobaric bombardment. 133 areas were subjected to artillery shelling; 68 areas were subjected to mortar shelling; and 76 areas reported rocket shelling.

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) clashed with regime forces in 126 locations, managing to down an attack helicopter flying over Koweires Military Airport in Aleppo and seizing control of the club checkpoint near the Daraa Balad gas station. The FSA also managed to target checkpoints at the oil press and canning plant with mortars, and the Hamidieh camp with homemade rockets. The FSA also destroyed a number of personnel carriers and other materiel belonging to the regime in cities and towns across Syria.


"al-assad or we burn the country, we want to make all sunni's extinct. Speical forces"

This is a common image in Syria written on walls wherever assad's thugs go. We want to ask our members? Are we as bad as them, and should we stoop down to their level? There are times when we post news, images & videos and we read comments that verge on sectarian hatred. We would like to remind our members that we are fighting to end a regime that has used & promoted this sectarian lines. They've insulted the majority of the population & tried to convince the minorities that they have their best interests in check. We know better, and we should be setting an example of how we want the future Syria to be for ALL Syrians, and be rest assured, ANY criminal who took part in killing Syrians will be brought to justice.


An image that defies belief in humanity! This is the famous Khan al-Wazeer street in Aleppo. The financial capital of the city. An area which used to bustle with people going about their daily business, and in which many famous people used to live in. This is the reforms that assad introduced!!!


Syria, for 50 years has been engulfed in darkness. We refer to it as the dark era. The white light represents the torch of the revolution, the beam of light that will deliver us a bright & colourful future for all Syrians. Syria will return to its glory, be sure of that!


It really does defy belief that a regime that has killed, murdered, looted & committed the worst crimes against humanity are then given $519 million worth of aid. This is a regime that is supposedly being isolated and have sanctions placed against it, yet what use are the sanctions if they are going to be receiving payouts from the UN, who have repeatedly said that the Syrian regime have committed crimes against humanity & that it's time they went!!! Where are the 'friends of Syria' in all of this? Surely they all know that the money will not reach those people in need. Where are they in appealing to the UN to see sense in what they are actually doing, and that is aiding a criminal regime in killing more civilians!!!

Quite ironic that the aid is meant to go to the very same people that the Syrian regime have tried to kill, have made homeless & have starved. Honestly, this is not even a sick joke, it is something worse!!!


We love, admire and love & admire the spirit of the Syrian people. They are simply amazing. The banner held by two brave boys in besieged Homs reads:

"We don't want anyone to worry about the Syrian people!
For if they die, they die as martyrs.. and if they stay they will live to be victorious"
Steadfast Homs 25/01/2013


Idlib: The FSA invade the Central Prision in Idlib and free 300 detainees after fierce clashes with the regime forces which claimed many of the thugs lives.

Hasakeh: The FSA has taken control of oil fields in the Hasakeh Suburbs.


They hide inside their tanks as they wreak destruction & death on a country they call their own, and on people they claim are their countrymen. However, they never expected the resistance of the brave & honourable Syrian people. This tank in Daraya (Damascus Suburbs) was shelling the area, but in an instant it was engulfed in flames as the FSA destroyed it. Only one thug managed to escape like a rat. You can see the whole episode in the video:


This is actually happening. We come across gruesome videos & pictures daily that we deem not even 18+ but worse. Terror's got Talent in Syria, but it's not talent, it's SADISM at it's worst!!!

Local Coordination Committees in Syria 
The number of martyrs in Syria has risen to 75 thus far, including 5 women and 4 children: 28 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs, 16 in Daraa, 11 in Homs, 11 in Idlib, 3 in Hama, 3 in Deir Ezzor, 2 in Aleppo, and 1 in Hassakeh


One of the best moments in fatherhood is when you carry your newborn child for the very first time..
and the worst moment is when you you are carrying your martyred child in your hands!!!

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The number of martyrs in Syria has risen to 96 martyrs so far (including 5 women and 7 children), 37 martyrs were reported in Aleppo including 20 in Menbij and 10 in Bab, 29 in Damascus and its Suburbs including 13 were field executed in Daraya, 18 in Homs, 5 in Hama, 2 in Idlib, 4 in Daraa and 1 in Deir Ezzor


This is an image Syrians have become used to. It's not something that happens once a week or every few days. No, this happens several times a day and has done so for nearly a year, since assad decided to start destroying the country. This is how humanity has failed Syria.

Picture from al-Buwaida


There is an issue we would like to address. A little reminder that Muslims & Christians co-existed together in Syria for more than 2000 years. It is NOT the current outgoing regime that brought harmony in Syria. In fact, the regime has created divisions oppressing ALL Syrians, and hypocritically calling itself the protector of minorities. We are saddened when we hear other nations calling for minorities not to be oppressed by the future leaders of Syria, yet they watch as the MAJORITY are being persecuted. Syria has & always will be for ALL Syrians of all creeds & religions. There is a majority & there are minorities & all have a place in our beloved nation. It's those who persecute, kill, maim, steal & spread corruption & tyranny that are unwanted!


They lost somebody dear to them, someone they cared about very much. They hurt & cry. They lost that person not because they had a long life which ended peacefully. The life was ended in murder instigated by assad and his thugs! At least 114 people have been murdered so far today in Syria, among them 11 children & 4 women. To the highest heaven our beloved martyrs.


The scene depicts so much of what Syria is going through. A ghost town, women running away carrying a few belongings with them, litter strewed all around, a destroyed city, smoke engulfing the city from the constant bombing... When will it end?

One of many many differences in Syria before & after assad's reforms. Picture from Souk al-Athari in Homs


It's a sick & twisted irony that the UN informs us that there are at least 5 million people who need desperate aid, that 1 million Syrians are starving, 650,000 are refugees, and they agree that assad should step down.. BUT they then co-operate with him & plan to give him $500 million worth of aid to distribute. We are staggered at the trust they have given him in the face of everything he has done over the past 2 years! Since when did the UN finance dictatorial murderers?


Local Coordination Committees in Syria
By the end of Monday the LCC managed to document 129 martyrs, among them 6 women and 16 children : 33 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs, 28 in Aleppo, 24 in Idlib (most of them in Ariha), 19 in Hama (most of them in Hawejah), 11 in Homs, 8 in Daraa, and 6 in Deir Ezzor

Picture: the child martyr Jihad Adwan from Daraa (جهاد رافع عدوان)


Bombardment went on at 286 points around Syria including 12 by war planes, 1 by cluster bombs, 2 by vacuum bombs and 1 by explosive barrels. Mortar shelling hit 129 locations, artillery Shelling hit 102 and rocket shelling hit 40 locations allover Syria

The Free Syrian Army clashed with the regime regime in 119 points, during which they targeted airplanes bombing the city of Meng in Aleppo. FSA also clashed in Damascus International Airport and controlled Harran Awamid market located on the airport fence. FSA also targeted Shabeeha headquarters in the Sumeria region, Al-Yaakoubia barrier in idlib and took control of many of the regime vehicles. In Hama, FSA targeted a military convoy heading to storm into Karnaz, and killed more than 50 Shabeeha. In Hasaka, FSA blew civil defense centre, which is considered a regime's forces headquarters.

Picture: Corniche Street in Homs

At least 80 bodies were found by a river in Bustan al-Qasr district yesterday

Most had their hands tied behind their backs and gunshot wounds to the head. Several videos emerged showing a large number of bodies strewn in and around the banks of the Quwaiq river, which skirts the western side of Aleppo.

The bodies were caked in mud and showed signs of rigor mortis. There were also signs of blood having poured from many of the heads.



Unfortunately the Hama massacre of 1982 has been repeated today in Syria. In February 1982 hafez assad ordered an attack on the city of Hama (a hub of resistance to the regime), and over the course of 28 days the city was obliterated, daily massacres & bombing claimed the lives of 40,000 civilians. The world silently ignored the massacre. Today, after nearly 23 months into the revolution, at least 70,000 identified civilians have been killed. We will never forget Hama 82' & Syria 11'-13'

This is the personality of a man who the shia kufar hate and curse! Read this

Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (r.a.) married women not out of sexual desire, but because he wanted many children. For he himself said, "I do not approach women (for sex) out of lust. And had it not been for (the desire to have) children, I would not have cared at all whether or not I even saw a woman with my eye." Umar (r.a.) also said, "Verily, I force myself to have sex in the hope that Allah will bring forth from (my loins) a person that will glorify Allah and remember Him."

Reference: Book: The Biography of Umar Ibn Al-Khattab by Dr. Ali Muhammad As-Sallaabee (Chapter 1, page 42)


SYRIA # The number of martyrs in Syria thus far today has risen to 157, and includes 12 children and 7 women. 90 martyrs were reported in Aleppo, including 80 in Bustan Al-Qasr neighborhood; 24 in Damascus and its suburbs; 16 in Daraa; 15 in Homs; 6 in Idlib; 5 in Deir Ezzor and 1 in Hama


و ما رميت اذ رمريت لكن الله رمى ... اللهم سدد رمي المجاعدين

Syria# Lions of Islam defending the weak and oppressed from the Assad kufar forces and shia Allies! 

May Allah swt give them victory and protect the women, children and elderly of Syria



SYRIA #BreakingNews: the #FSA Mujahadeen of Syria taking control one of of #Assad 's 
institutions in the city of #Aleppo !
we are coming for you with the name of Allah swt we are coming 
عاجل : الجيش السوري الحر يسيطر على أحد مؤساسات الأسد في مدينة حلب
جايينك جايينك ولله جايينك
جايينك جايينك ويلعن روحك جايينك


ATTENTION TO THE MUSLIMS OF AUSTRALIA ! ##Join Sh Jamil El-biza in this dinner to show our support and solidarity to the hundreds of thousands of our Syrian brothers and sisters that have fled the atrocities of the assad regime and his henchmen. In this we unite against tyranny and support those whom the world has forsaken. This dinner will be for both brothers and sisters. Tickets are $50. We will NOT be having an auction for the situation is too serious to have an auction. There will be a video presentation along with a short talk by Sh Jamil El-biza and then pledges and the collection of donations. Hope to see you all there. So if you are approached to buy a ticket then do so without hesitation may Allah most high bless you all.


(وَلَا تَحْسَبَنَّ الَّذِينَ قُتِلُوا فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ أَمْوَاتًا بَلْ أَحْيَاءٌ عِنْدَ رَبِّهِمْ يُرْزَقُونَ * فَرِحِينَ بِمَا آتَاهُمُ اللَّهُ مِنْ فَضْلِهِ وَيَسْتَبْشِرُونَ بِالَّذِينَ لَمْ يَلْحَقُوا بِهِمْ مِنْ خَلْفِهِمْ أَلَّا خَوْفٌ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلَا هُمْ يَحْزَنُونَ * يَسْتَبْشِرُونَ بِنِعْمَةٍ مِنَ اللَّهِ وَفَضْلٍ وَأَنَّ اللَّهَ لَا يُضِيعُ أَجْرَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ )

One of the lions of Jabhat Al-Nusrah who came from Gaza to help the ahlul sunnah in Syria has been martyred after clashes.

may Allah accept Mustafa Al-Jarad as a shaheed, ameen

Gone but never forgotten


Assad is overjoyed at the bonus he received from the UN. He is doing exactly as what has been prescribed ...and that is to KILL KILL ,SLAUGHTER, RAPE , TORTURE DESTROY THE AHLUL SUNNAH OF SYRIA! 



You know why this Muslim man is fleeing with no shoes ? It's now a crime to have a beard in Northern Mali.


REAKING NEWS | The #FSA Mujahadeen of Syria are currently fighting #Assad's kufar forces in the Baramkeh District of #Damascus for the first time! There are battles taking place in the Jamarik Square and near the faculties of Civil Engineering and Architecture! May Allah swt bring our Mujahideen great victory!

The lions of Dagestan! Allahumma Ansur Ikhwaanana Al-Mujahideen fee Dagestaan, ameen

Bila SPRM Nak Mai Siasat? Cepat La Sikit Wei...

Bila SPRM Nak Mai Siasat? Cepat La Sikit Wei... 

[SH] IPOH – “Ya, memang itu banglo milik saya.” Itu reaksi jujur bekas Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Bukit Aman, Datuk Fauzi Shaari menjawab kontroversi siapa pemilik sebuah banglo mewah di Seksyen 10, Shah Alam yang dipaparkan di beberapa laman blog.

Katanya, beliau tidak sedikitpun terjejas dengan pendedahan tersebut yang mengaitkannya sebagai pemilik banglo tersebut selain menimbulkan pelbagai persoalan termasuk mempertikaikan kemampuannya memiliki kediaman besar dan mewah seperti itu.

Menurutnya, banglo tersebut dibina di atas tanah seluas 7,000 kaki persegi yang dibelinya pada 2004 berjumlah RM15 setiap kaki dengan harga istimewa sebagai kakitangan awam ketika itu.

Tambahnya, beliau mengalu-alukan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) membuat siasatan sekiranya ada pihak ragu-ragu terhadapnya.
“Ketika itu nilai tidak sampai RM1juta pun. Malah, pembinaan rumah itu dibuat secara berperingkat-peringkat dengan mengamalkan penjimatan ketika bekerja dalam kerajaan termasuk wang simpanan bersama isteri.

“Saya juga turut menjual dua buah rumah teres di kawasan Gombak dan Shah Alam untuk membina rumah dua tingkat setengah itu,” katanya.

Fauzi mengakui memang ada tunjuk perasaan yang membantah pembinaan banglo itu kerana ia berhampiran Masjid Negeri dan sebuah hotel terkemuka di kawasan berkenaan.

"Nilai hartanah kini yang semakin meningkat menyebabkan orang ramai mempertikaikan kemampuan beliau memiliki rumah di kawasan terbabit," katanya kepada Sinar Harian, di sini, semalam.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas pendedahan gambar banglo mewah itu di

Blog tersebut menimbulkan beberapa persoalan termasuk bertanyakan dari mana datangnya sumber kekayaan Fauzi hingga mampu membina banglo mewah tersebut.

Antara persoalan yang diketengahkan di blog tersebut adalah: "Mana datangnya duit untuk membina sebuah mahligai mewah yang dikatakan punya kemudahan lif ini?

"Adakah kekayaan ini dikumpul ketika berkhidmat di dalam kerajaan dahulu?" dan "Pembinaan banglo mewah ini pernah mendapat bantahan penduduk di situ kerana dibina di kawasan riadah.

"Ataupun benar dakwaan kononnya beliau menerima RM15,000 setiap kali berceramah?"

Mengulas lanjut, Fauzi menjelaskan, walaupun hampir 10 tahun berlalu, rumah itu pun masih belum siap sepenuhnya dan walaupun beliau bersama keluarga telah menduduki banglo terbabit setahun lalu.

“Harga dulu berbeza dengan sekarang dan logiklah jika orang ramai tertanya-tanya dengan satu-satunya harta saya itu. Empat anak lelaki saya turut membantu memberi dana,” katanya.

Beliau yang juga Ahli Jawatankuasa Pilihanraya Kawasan Larut berkata, tindakan beberapa pihak mendedahkan gambar rumahnya itu sedikit pun tidak menjejaskan gerak kerja beliau untuk menghadapi Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 nanti.

“Saya langsung tidak berasa risau dengan pendedahan itu dan tidak menjejaskan gerak kerja saya untuk memenangi hati pengundi-pengundi di Parlimen Larut.

“Malah, tiada istilah takut dengan pengundi kerana saya telus terhadap perkara ini dan rakyat lebih memahami pemimpin mereka,” katanya.

P/s: Lampu hijau sudah diberikan. Apa tunggu lagi SPRM? Kalau mahu siasat, siasat juga harta pemimpin BN!

Selangor akan membubarkan DUN selepas Chap Goh Meh -Malaysiakini


January 30, 2013

SHAH ALAM, 30 Jan — Kerajaan negeri Selangor akan membubarkan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Selangor selepas Chap Goh Meh, jika Putrajaya masih enggan memberi sebarang petunjuk untuk membubarkan Parlimen.

Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim berkata, kerajaan negeri bagaimanapun akan berbincang dengan majlis pimpinan tertinggi Pakatan Rakyat (PR) berkenaan perkara ini.

“Sekiranya Federal tidak memberi sebarang petunjuk untuk membubarkan Parlimen, kerajaan negeri bercadang untuk berbincang dengan majlis pimpinan tertinggi Pakatan Rakyat untuk kita bubarkan DUN dengan lebih awal, iaitu selepas Chap Goh Meh,” kata Khalid (gambar) dalam sidang media di Bangunan Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, di sini hari ini.

Menurut Khalid, sebelum ini beliau enggan membubarkan DUN serentak dengan Putrajaya jika pembubaran berlangsung pada Jun tahun lalu, kerana mahu menguruskan bajet tahunan kerajaan negeri yang masih belum selesai.

“Tetapi, kita rasa kita perlu bubar lebih awal sekiranya Pusat masih belum bubar sebelum Chap Goh Mei, kita memikirkan untuk pembubaran lebih awal untuk mandat baru untuk kepentingan rakyat,” kata Khalid lagi.
Parlimen akan dibubarkan secara automatik pada 28 April dan pilihan raya mesti diadakan 60 hari dari tarikh tersebut.

Pemerhati menjangkakan Najib akan mengadakan pilihan raya pada penghujung Mac selepas memberi kesemua Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M), program pemimpin Barisan Nasional percaya akan meningkatkan peluang dalam pilihan raya akan datang.

Menteri besar Selangor sebelum itu berkata pembubaran tersebut bergantung kepada bila Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak mengadakan pilihan raya, sama ada secara berasingan atau serentak dengan parlimen.

Abdul Khalid menerangkan keputusan tersebut dibuat kerana keengganan Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) untuk membersihkan daftar pemilih.

Kerajaan negeri baru-baru ini mengeluarkan satu kajian peningkatan pengundi dalam daftar pemilih meningkat, pada 563,471, 600,406 dan 625,510 setiap suku tahun lalu.

Khalid berkata kerajaan negeri tidak boleh mengesan 28 peratus dari 497,084 pengundi yang didaftarkan pada suku terakhir tahun lalu.

Sementara itu, pengerusi SPR Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof berkata, kuasa membubarkan DUN terletak di tangan Sultan Selangor.

"Beritahu dia, dia hanya boleh menasihati Sultan untuk bubarkan DUN, tapi tarikh penamaan calon dan pilihan raya terletak kepada SPR," kata Abdul Aziz dalam sidang media di ibu pejabat SPR di Putrajaya.

"Kebanyakan negeri dia punya last day .. About March, April atau Mei.."

Beliau juga berkata keputusan pembubaran DUN terletak di tangan Sultan Selangor.

"Terpulang kepada tuanku, kalau tuanku setuju," katanya lagi.

Presiden PAS ziarah Ustaz Taib Azamudden

Semuga cepat sembuh..

BAYAN BARU: Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang melawat Ahli Parlimen Baling, Datuk Taib Azamuden Md Taib di sebuah hospital swasta di sini hari ini.

Dalam kunjungan itu, Ustaz Taib kelihatan beransur pulih dan berbual-bual dengan Ustaz Abdul Hadi dan Setiausaha Politiknya, Dr Ahmad Samsuri.

Ustaz Taib Azamuden sudah stabil selepas rebah diserang angin ahmar ketika hendak menunaikan solat Dhuha pada 23 Januari lalu di rumahnya.-Harakahdaily

Umno cuba gagalkan MB agih geran kepada peneroka

M Faqih, 30 Jan 2013

GUA MUSANG: Sekumpulan penduduk di Paloh 2 difahamkan dipengaruhi Umno cuba menggagalkan program Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan mengagihkan geran kepada peneroka di RKT Lebir hari ini.

Kira-kira 40 penduduk mengadakan demonstrasi di Simpang Paloh 2 dengan mengangkat sepanduk kertas ketika Menteri Besar, Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat melalui kawasan itu untuk ke RKT Lebir.

Mereka melaungkan kononnya kerajaan negeri merampas tanah rakyat.

Seorang ahli Umno yang mahu dikenali sebagai Pak Leh mendakwa kumpulan penyokong Umno Paloh 2 cuba menggagalkan program penyampaian geran di Lebir.

“ Saya juga merima panggilan mlm tadi supaya hadir pada demontrasi tersebut.

"Saya diberitahu mereka mahu gagalkan program penyampaian geran. Tetapi tadi ada peneroka di sini yang pergi," katanya ketika ditemui selepas Majlis Penyampaian Geran Hak Milik Lot Kediaman kepada 84 peneroka.

Penyampaian geran tersebut disempurnakan Menteri Besar, Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. Hadir sama Penyelia Parlimen Gua Musang, Dr Zulkifli Muhamad, Dun Paloh, Shah Aminudin, Penyelia Dun Nenggiri, Zuki Ibrahim, Penyelia Dun Galas, Abdullah Husin dan Ketua Jajahan Gua Musang, Mat Jusoh Husin.

Program penyampaian geran diteruskan biarpun Umno cuba menggagalkannya.

Malah di majlis itu, 54 orang ahli Umno turut menerima geran.

Turut kelihatan di tempat demontrasi ialah isteri Adun Paloh, Datin Mariah Din.

Adun Paloh Datuk Nozula Mat Diah juga ditemui tidak jauh dari lokasi demonstrasi.

Menteri Besar turut mengakui ada pihak tidak senang dengan program berkenaan.

Katanya, rakyat tanpa mengira politik turut diberi geran hak milik bagi membolehkan mereka memiliki tanah secara sah.

Orang ramai menyifatkan tindakan kumpulan penyokong Umno itu tidak wajar kerana cuba menghalang Menteri Besar mengagihkan geran kepada rakyat.

semua gambar di ambil di luar daripada stadium..

"Kami menggesa mereka untuk tampil ke hadapan secepat mungkin untuk memudahkan siasatan," kata Mohmad berkata.Beliau berkata polis yang tidak menetapkan tarikh akhir mengenai perkara itu tetapi menggesa kerjasama daripada mereka yang terlibat.Sebelum ini, Ketua Polis Daerah Dang Wangi, ACP Zainuddin Ahmad memberitahu media, pihaknya mendapati penganjur perhimpunan pembangkang di Stadium Merdeka pada 12 Januari lalu melanggar tiga daripada 27 syarat yang dipersetujui antara mereka dan polis sebelum ini.Menurutnya, tiga syarat itu ialah larangan membawa kanak-kanak berusia bawah 15 tahun; membawa plakad, sepanduk dan kain rentang berunsur hasutan serta peserta perhimpunan yang melebihi 30,000 orang.

....... Awal-awal lagi polis dah gagal buktikan yang 14 individu terbabit membawa anak masuk ke dalam Stadium merdeka....hahaha... semua gambar di ambil di luar daripada stadium... cane nak kate salah sedangkan tak masuk stadium pun...hahahaha



Basyar Al- Asad : Syaitan merah yang tinggi yang berada di dalam lautan/sungai/banjir darah...
Basyar Al- Asad : The tall, red devil in the sea/river/flood of blood..

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Akibat kezaliman Basyar, rakyat Syria terpaksa kembali kepada kehidupan berjuta-juta tahun dahulu...
Gua ini hanya sebesar 2.5 meter persegi, tetapi yang tinggal di sini sekurang-kurang empat orang atau lebih...

Because of Basyar tyranny, Syrian people had to go back to the lives of millions of years ago ...
The cave is only equal to 2.5 square meters, but who lived here at least four people or more ...

Hulurkan tangan anda, ringankan beban mereka. Salurkan sumbangan anda ke / Help in abundance, maximize your contributions: 

IN MALAYSIA : MAYBANK: 5622-1820-7666
Tel no: +603-61770786/ +6013-2226057

Pahala 24jam

Janggut itu sunnah Nabi Muhammad SAW... Ianya ibadah mudah dilakukan, yg dikira 24 jam sehari tanpa luput pahala kecuali setelah di cukur habis... 

Semua ibadah lain seperti Solat, Haji, membaca Quran.Wudhu', Zikir dan sebagainya ada waktu luputnya iaitu ketika habis melakukannya...

Wudhu' pula ketika batal Wudhu'nya.... Janggut ini Walaupun sedang makan, berkerja, mandi, beriadah, berjunub waima sedang dalam berhadas besar sekali pun tetap dikira pahala berSunnah juga...

Kalaulah wanita tahu besarnya kelebihan menyimpan janggut ini, tentu mereka cemburu dgn kelebihan lelaki ini... Atau mungkin mereka (Memaksa) Suami2, Anak2, Adik Beradik Lelaki termasuk Ayah2 mereka untuk Ber JANGGUT... Allahuakbar

Mujahid Libya yang Lengserkan Qadafi Bantu Mujahid Mali Lawan Pasukan Salibis Perancis

MALI.( – Ahad (03/02/13) ratusan pejuang Islam dari jama’ah Anshoruddin dan At-Tauhid wal Jihad berlindung di gua – gua daerah Tescukh dengan jarak 50 km dari kota Kidal, utara Mali.

Hal tersebut dilakukan untuk menghindari dari serangan darat dan udarapasukan Perancis. Menurut laporan koresponden kantor berita Anatolia, bahwa beberapa pejuang Mali mempersiapkan puluhan tempat sergapan dan menanam ranjau di tempat – tempat yang dilalui oleh pasukan Perancis dan pasukan sekutu mereka, Uni Afrika.

Para pejuang tersebut membawa senjata anti-pesawat di atas mobil yang telah dilumasi dengan cat. Kemudia senjata itu ditutupi dengan pasir sehinga tak terlihat oleh pesawat pengintai.

Reporter Anatolia memantau beberapa pejuang yang datang dari Libya, Benghazi dan Meratah. Mereka cekatan dalam pertempuran dan menjalankan operasi militer untuk melengserkan colonel Mu’ammar Qadafi.

Salah seorang pejuang Libya, Abu Muhammad Athiyyatullah Al-Misrati, mengatakan bahwa para pejuang menginginkan kemenangan atau syahid. Dan hal itu adalah dua kebaikan. "Maka apakah yang bisa dilakukan oleh musuh kepada kami? Jika kami terbunnuh, syahid. Jika kami dipenjara, rekreasi. Jika diusir, khalwah. Kami tinggalkan buat mereka dunia dan isinya. Kenapa mereka mau membunuh untuk meruntuhkan imarah ini. Dosanya hanya satu, yaitu menegakkan syari’at” tuturnya