Thursday, January 31, 2013


Bombardment went on at 286 points around Syria including 12 by war planes, 1 by cluster bombs, 2 by vacuum bombs and 1 by explosive barrels. Mortar shelling hit 129 locations, artillery Shelling hit 102 and rocket shelling hit 40 locations allover Syria

The Free Syrian Army clashed with the regime regime in 119 points, during which they targeted airplanes bombing the city of Meng in Aleppo. FSA also clashed in Damascus International Airport and controlled Harran Awamid market located on the airport fence. FSA also targeted Shabeeha headquarters in the Sumeria region, Al-Yaakoubia barrier in idlib and took control of many of the regime vehicles. In Hama, FSA targeted a military convoy heading to storm into Karnaz, and killed more than 50 Shabeeha. In Hasaka, FSA blew civil defense centre, which is considered a regime's forces headquarters.

Picture: Corniche Street in Homs

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