Thursday, January 31, 2013


It really does defy belief that a regime that has killed, murdered, looted & committed the worst crimes against humanity are then given $519 million worth of aid. This is a regime that is supposedly being isolated and have sanctions placed against it, yet what use are the sanctions if they are going to be receiving payouts from the UN, who have repeatedly said that the Syrian regime have committed crimes against humanity & that it's time they went!!! Where are the 'friends of Syria' in all of this? Surely they all know that the money will not reach those people in need. Where are they in appealing to the UN to see sense in what they are actually doing, and that is aiding a criminal regime in killing more civilians!!!

Quite ironic that the aid is meant to go to the very same people that the Syrian regime have tried to kill, have made homeless & have starved. Honestly, this is not even a sick joke, it is something worse!!!

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