Saturday, October 27, 2012

Israeli regime expels 10 Estelle activists.

The Israeli regime has expelled a number of pro-Palestinian peace activists who were nabbed by the Israeli military forces en route to the besieged Gaza Strip on the ship, Estelle.

Ten of the 27 activists, who were arrested earlier on board the Gaza-bound humanitarian aid ship, were expelled on Monday. Seventeen others are still held. 

On Saturday, the Israeli forces attacked Estelle, which was carrying aid and the activists who were trying to break Israel’s blockade against the enclave.

"Ten activists -- three Spaniards, one Italian, five Greeks and a Finnish citizen -- were expelled after they renounced in writing against appealing an Israeli judge's decision to expel them," said Sabine Hadad, an Israeli official.

Also, three other activists from Israel, who accompanied the aid ship, were put under house arrest, according to their lawyer Gaby Lasky.

The activists said on Sunday that Israeli troops used stun guns against several passengers after intercepting the ship in international waters.

Africa to Gaza Aid Convoy

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