Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Palestinian Solidarity Movement Stronger than Ever

by Marivel Guzman 

The Union Make the Force - The people united will never be defeated

I have to make the comment in a Note because was to extensive, Sorry Anna I have to do it this way to coment on the article you tagged me few days ago. I always write what I feel and what I understand, and this is my feeling and understanding of the issues at hand.Anna O'Leary, I finished reading this piece and I found to contained the same Greta Berlin issue that was played over and over on the internet while the Estelle was sailing toward Gaza.

I have insisted that Greta Berlin did not have nothing to apologize to no one.

I insisted that every one was giving too much importance to the Twitte that if left alone at the first instigation from National Post article by Tristan Hopper will dilute. When

Ali Abuminah wrote his article, we saw as an attempt to quiet Israel hurt sensitivities, and did not have importance if all Palestinian Solidarity Movement would have ignored as a ignorant piece of journalism, and no less than that.

Every one on the Palestinian Solidarity Movement was acting as if we have to be more sensitive for Israel sensitives than for Palestinians.

The apology of Greta Berlin, or statement that she made public it made the things worse, because she was telling the world that she was wrong, when in reality she did nothing wrong.

The video of Erasmus Mullins, and the Title "Nazi Zionist Alliance (NA+ZI) to Create Israel Through Holocaust" are not Anti Semitic in nature. Israel in its history has re draw history to its convenience and every Scholar in the world that taught history has gone alone with the deception, except for few brave that resist to teach lies.

"Zionists are not the Jewish People, but a group using Zionism as a shield. The facade is to make you blame the Jews.

This video is NOT anti-Jewish. Please do not Flag out of ignorance"

You have to go beyond the Authorized Israel history to entertain other plausible possibilities, other buried stories, we should know that data was destroyed during the fall of Germany. The huge Anti Germany propaganda to win the war. We must put into perspective all those ingredients in the story.

I have been writing about this issue since it came, I have been posting in every ones wall and seems that all want to ignore my opinion.

I wrote a long letter to Gilad Atzmon dressed as a comment and was ignored. I hope that I m not giving myself too much importance and think that he has to read what I have to say, he probably it is too busy to even read comments. Well I do not know, but I giving my opinion on the matter.

This article that you are bringing here is just repetition of the same material already posted by Gilad and other sites, which I believe has made the matter worse for Greta Berlin or maybe she got to be in the News and the book Sailors sold more copies, and if that was the case I will say ...well done, but for the Anti Semitic rhetoric, we all know is not truth...

Myself agree with much of the video, I do not blame "The Jews", I blame the Zionists bankers, so I will never have to apologize for something I do believe could have happened.

Now regarding Trade Not Aid, I agree 100 percent,..but then we think about it, while Israel control the whole region surrounding Palestine, what assure us that the Trade will be permitted. Well unless is done thru the tunnels. I support Ken O'keefe with his Trade Not Aid for Gaza and spoke about it with him and I understand perfectly his idea.

Regarding Anne Wright uninvitation, I think due to the controversy on every Palestinian News, facebook wall, and Israel supporter outlet at the end I thought that The Estelle distancing from now from The Free Gaza Movement was a political move, because after all The Free Gaza Movement which Greta Berlin Co- founded also published an Apology and distanced themselves also from Greta Berlin issue, so I think it was just a good move.

Off course would have been good that none of this had happened, and that Anne Wright would have been in the Estelle, but it happened this way and there is nothing we can do to change the fact, except that we know more about the people involved in the Palestinian Movement.

This is my feeling and my opinion on the matter. There was no mistake from Greta Berlin, I do not see why we have to play into the "diplomatic" card with Israel. They deserve no respect, no apology.

Jews around the world by now, I hope they understand the farce play on their shoulders, they were victims of a twisted joke to create an entity that could be used as the center power of the world, using the Bible as a tool for the promise land.

And to end I will say that the Palestinian Solidarity movement is stronger than ever. Few people as important as they are, They are only part of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement but they are not all the Movement.

We are thousands around the world, maybe millions supporting Palestine in one way or another. If we are not in the cameras does not make us less important and subject to omission.

I do not think that the Palestine Movement is divided. Only some persons in the Movement are dividing the solidarity movement with their public statements. Those publications are indeed trying to force us to take sides, and that is the problem.

We all are important as long as we work for the Palestinian cause, for Justice, for Truth and Peace, but the moment that we as persons take the center stage then something is wrong with us, not with the Palestinian movement.

We need to put Palestine First, we are not important in this movement, we are just part of the Movement Solidarity Movement.Rosa Schiano Stay Human, from Italy moved to Gaza to be witness of Israel atrocities.

Thousands Palestinians supporters by now had been in West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza and are living witness for history regarding Israel occupation.

Nora Fernandez from Argentine right now in Gaza supporting the effort of Internationals to bring awareness to the world.Rachel Corrie RIP was part of the International Solidarity Movement, and she put the cause first even in risk of her life.Vittorio Arrigoni RIP was part of the Palestine Solidarity Movement and move to Gaza to fight for the cause .Every day thousands of Palestinians and internationals risk their lives in front of IDF protesting the Wall, protecting the farmers, protecting the fishermen of Gaza, walking children to school. Please no body tell me that the Palestinian Solidarity Movement is divided and weak.

Africa to Gaza Aid Convoy

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