Thursday, February 28, 2013

Assad, Russia and Iran Crimes in Syria

Assad, Russia and Iran Crimes in Syria
#Syria, #Dar'aa, #Jasem, 20 Feb 2013

After patiently waiting for many years, she finally conceived with a twin pregnancy and was on the way to a hospital to deliver but was interrupted at one of Assad's checkpoints! Her husband, Ala'a Ahmad khatab, was killed brutally! She and her mother-in-law were beaten mercilessly and left to die on road! At this point some villagers took her to some place to manage her delivery. She delivered the twins but Alas lost their father and her entire possession!!! The twins were named as Ala'a (after his father) and Basma!
فيديو للشهيد بإذن الله "علاء احمد خطاب"

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