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Ya Allah selamatkan Syria

Doktor-doktor telah berusaha untuk menyelamatkan anak kecil ini, akan tetapi Allah lebih menyayangi beliau.

Anak kecil ini di antara ribuan nyawa yang melayang akibat kezaliman rejim Basyar.

Yakinlah, anak kecil ini akan menjadi saksi kezaliman rejim Basyar dan pakatannya di akhirat kelak.
As if they are whispering from under the rubble: “Don’t be afraid” 
"We left this frightful place to a safe one where we are not going to be shelled. Where houses won’t collapse on our heads and bodies and leave it torn into parts." 
These bodies are the children’s bodies. These bodies are for innocent people that was pulled out from under the rubble in Idlib, Ma’art Al No’man. There are others there. 
Nov. 1, 2012
18 +++ 
A new massacre is committed against Douma residents. They ran away from the shelling and were displaced. ASSad’s grudge didn’t leave them alone. So he slaughtered dozens of them in Al Shifoniya 
A massacre against displaced people and the murder of dozens of them , some are from Rajab family 
Douma, Shifoniya, Nov. 1, 2012
Determination.. Persistence..
A man who was injured to the warplane shelling on Karm Al Mayser neighborhood in Aleppo .
One crime after the other committed against childhood. And no one answers them. 
Did the UN envoys, UNSC, Arab League representatives, officials,, think who our children are living? Do they think how this genocide is affecting them? 
Do they ask themselves how our kids sleep? Play? What do they draw? 
How they are living under shelling, rubble and between body parts? 
Do they ask themselves which memories they will have for the future?
18+, graphic images, i am so sorry 

Some images that get published here are disturbing.I totally understand that and trust me it is always painful to publish them. What is more disturbing is that much of the world apparently finds the images more intolerable than the horrific suffering and pain of this child and tens of thousands of others at the hands of a genocidal regime. Apparently a regim
e perpetrating a holocaust is okay with the world, but pictures showing the horrific reality of what that entails are beyond the pale. What happened to humanity?

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please ,,,,
Stay Strong for Syria
Thank you
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In every country the price of bread is paid with money, except in Syria...We pay the price of bread with our blood..

Dua'a Al Hamawi went to buy bread but didn't come back..
Kafr Hamara 31/10/2012
These are the armed group terrorists that is fighting you Bashar! 
Can you see her?? She was driving the tank! 
God curse your soul Bashar. These are the words of a heart that was burned when he saw this child. Her name was Amani, means “wishes” in Arabic . 
Child martyr Amani Al Dora 
Douma, Nov. 1, 2012
In almost four days, more than 700 victims were martyred in Daraya in the latest Jazeera report. This massacre is considered the worst and bloodiest massacre that was committed by the regime until this moment. That’s why our demand is an International trial. 

Read more about Daraya Massacre: 
Razan is a child from Western Domniya
Her blood is still on her hands. 
The doctors are trying to resuscitate her and wake her up from anesthesia. Her screaming voice gets louder and her father is trying to wake her up. 
He talks to her about Haytham who is asking for her. The doctor doesn't know why Razan hasn't woken up,, maybe because she saw her cousin, Khadija, being torn to three parts?? 
God please be with Razan now
You can see purity in their faces, 
As if they are white butterflies. 
Aren’t they entitled to live like the rest of children in this world?
18+ distressful leaked video
Regime’s militia thugs are cutting our martyr’s ears and keeping it as trophies. 
A leaked video from the thug’s mobile. They kill, mutilate and show it off!!! They show this video to their people and show it off and this confirms that who is mutilating the bodies is being done by Shabiha, the ASSad’s thugs and by their own acknowledgment in this video. This is sectarianism, but against humanity! 
Leaked video from Lattakia Suburbs
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Israeli tank fire injures Palestinian in Gaza.

A 22-year-old Palestinian has been severely injured in Israeli tank fire on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Gazan Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said on Friday that the wounded Palestinian was near the border fence in central Gaza when he was hit.

He was reportedly taken to al-Aqsa hospital with serious injuries to the neck and chest.

Witnesses said Israeli forces also opened fire on a group of Palestinian farmers in the area.

The Israeli military frequently carries out airstrikes and other attacks on Gaza, saying the actions are being conducted for defensive purposes. However, disproportionate force is always used, in violation of international law, and civilians are often killed or injured.

Gaza has been blockaded since June 2007, a situation that has caused a decline in the standard of living, unprecedented levels of unemployment, and unrelenting poverty.

The apartheid regime of Israel denies about 1.7 million people in Gaza their basic rights, such as freedom of movement, jobs that pay proper wages, and adequate healthcare and education.

Africa to Gaza Aid Convoy
"Good Morning"

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