Thursday, March 7, 2013


KOTA KINABALU : In regards to the current Tanduo stand-off, we Sabahans fully support any decisive military action against intruders into our beloved state of Sabah.
Though lives lost on either parties were much regretted, this showed that peace could only be an option when both parties agreed to the word peace. Commit crime and don't expect to be given sweets.
Those intruders must be caught sooner or later and be put to the full brunt of the laws of this country, otherwise people would laugh at Malaysian authorities.
In the very first place, the armed Sulu intruders would have avoided casualty on their part if they took up Malaysia's magnanimous but unpopular offer for them a peaceful return to their origin country. But they refused and in fact engaged our police in firefight.
Now we ask also Prime Minister Najib Razak to pursue a peaceful settlement with the Philippines on any lingering claim from the Philippines on Sabah. Sabah belong to Sabahans and no other may lay claim on this land.
Najib must also rethink about the whole 800,000 Filipinos given Malaysian identity cards in Sabah. This for the simple reason that Sulu sultan Jamalul Kiram who is in Manila was also claiming that these people are his people.

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