Friday, January 25, 2013

SubhanAllah; True Love

Allah swt is indeed the Most merciful, most compassionate Best of providers!! Glory to Allah! i testify there is no deity but Allah swt and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah .
♥ ♥ SubhanAllah; True Love ♥ ♥

In the picture are Ahmad, 26 and his wife Fatima, 25 both "disabled". The wife is without feet and the husband is without hands. He eats by her hands and she walks by his feet. Indeed, after seeing this picture, don't you think that there is hope for the rest of us? He has no arms and she has no legs but what they are able to accomplish is remarkable. She takes care of him good and he’s able to do almost everything with his feet. Moreover, in their everyday life they do all the housework without any help from the others. They are an amazing couple. Ma'sha'Allah!

Lets make a sincere dua for them; may Allah (SWT) always bless them with the best in deen and dunya, Ameen!


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