Saturday, May 11, 2013


بنگلہ دیش میں علما کرام کا قتل عام ۔ بنگلہ دیشی حکومت انڈیا کے کہنے پر اسلام دشمنی پر اتر آیٰی۔ 
GENOCIDE IN BANGLADESH !!!!!!! Mass killing on protesters in Dhaka at night by armed Joint least killed thousand (06-05-13). Bangladesh Police is killing thousands of Ulamas(Islamic scholars) and students of (Madrasah) Arabic schools . Today is the another black day of Bangladesh history ..In day time on 5th may police killed around 25 protesters in Dhaka while the protesters protest at Motijhil in Dhaka for implementing their 13 points demand.At evening the protesters took decision to stay on street of Motijhil Shapla Square...But at night (2:30 AM) when the protesters were sleeping the joint forces of government killing innocent protesters in street by firing , throwing tear shell ..even they conducted brutality by riot car and demolished the sleeping protesters to kill ..Not only joint forces , some ruling party's activists join to kill unarmed protesters by shot gun and stick .Some media person said joint forces have taken 5 truck of dead body to disappear..Even some journalists said the number of death will be 2500 you will see the some heart broken pictures .. Where is Muslim Army??? Where is Muslim Army???? Destroy kufr powers by establishing Khilafah

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