Saturday, May 11, 2013


A national hero of Pakistan was a Pak air force officer during 1965 war with india, he destroyed 5 of the indian jet fighters in a matter of 1 minute during a war and altogether 9 hence setting a world record that is yet unbeaten.
He rise from Bangladesh (former East Pakistan) but after 1971 sad incident (East Pakistan becomes Bangladesh), decided to live in Pakistan.
The war hero was born on July 6, 1935, in Calcutta, India and was the eldest of 11 siblings. No one in his family before him had been part of the military, and in fact, he joined the armed forces against his father’s will. He is popularly known as M.M. Alam and was nicknamed ‘Little Dragon’. He retired in 1982 as an Air Commodore. Alam was later awarded the Sitara-i-Jurrat. He also became the first and only “Jet Ace” in one mission.
He is indeed one of the greatest Muslim heroes of modern age.
Sadly Air Commodore (retd) Mohammad Mahmood Alam passed away in Karachi in morning of 18 March after a prolonged illness.

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