Saturday, May 11, 2013


 killing (pre planed) of islamic scholars by the slave government of Bangladesh will not be able to crush the spirit of Islam and muslim unity among real Bangla people.
Before the Death sentence carried out,
Key points from closing speech of Allama Sayedee at Bangladesh ICT.

"I am ready to stand a thousand times on the execution stage. I do not care about death. They (Awami League) are such a government that they entirely removed "Complete Reliance and Belief in Allah" from our Constitution. After Independence, in 42 years, not a single general diary (case) was filed against me. The so-called democratic government has now filed 17 cases against me! They have shamelessly interfered with the judicial process and the game they are playing in the name of justice is now as clear to everyone as the bright sun in daylight
Justice Nizamul was ready to declare the verdict against me. But Rabbul Alameen (Allah) Himself interfered and ruled him out. I, Sayedee, am blessed with the tear-filled love of millions of people. Is this love my crime? I participated in the struggle to establish a society of Quran, is this my crime? I have accepted Allah as my sole Guardian. A great Protector. Allah, the King of the heavens and the worlds, Owner of the 'Arsh, is enough as my helper.

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