Saturday, May 11, 2013


When Saddam decided to send his fighter jets to Iran during the war with US ( Despite 8-Years of war with Iranians, Saddam saw them more trustable than the Arab regimes that supported him in that war!) An Iraqi Su-24 Fencer on the way to Noje airbase was intercepted by two American F-15Cs, The Iraqi crew, flying low and using Electronic Warfare measures, tried to escape the American stubborn fighters. However one the F-15Cs could finally lock on the "larger Sukhoi" and subsequently fired three AIM-7M missiles but the Fencer dodged all three, using its powerful EW capabilities and Chaff. But the Americans were not giving up on this precision target so the second F-15C approached the Su-24 and fired all four Sidewinder missiles on board but again the Su-24 using the EW and Chaff, dodged all of them too ... (According to Iraqi Fighters 1953-2003 book by by BrigGen Ahmad Sadik & Tom Cooper)

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