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SNHR| Syria| Violations Report| January 22nd, 2013
A documentation of the Syrian regime’s violations of human rights in various Syrian provinces on the 22nd of January 2013
*Deaths and Injuries*
Joubar, Damascus
Snipers are heavily deployed in Damascus city targeting civilians every day. The footage below is of Mamdouh al-Aghawati who was victim of a sniper shot and lack of medical supplies.

Mudeira, Damascus Suburbs
Random shelling by the regime’s army targeted civilian houses in Mudeira killing a number of people under the rubble including children.
Dael, Daraa
Shelling by the regime’s army killed a number of people including a young girl called Malak al-Harriri.
Suffering and Violations:
Midan, Damascus
Civilians struggle every day to get fuel and bread. The footage below shows one of the fuel queues.
Kisweh, Damascus Suburbs
The regime’s army troops and dozens of checkpoints are deployed all over Damascus and its suburbs. They tear the city apart, stop and search civilians and sometimes randomly arrest them.
Qatana, Damascus Suburbs
Lack of gas and fuel causes much suffering among civilians all over Damascus Suburbs because of the cold weather as civilians are in dire need for heating fuel during winter. The footage is of a queue for gas in Qatana.
Rastan, Homs
Random and continuous shelling on Rastan caused much deterioration in the living conditions in the city as there is great shortage of fuel, food, electricity and water.

Daraa al-Balad, Daraa
The regime troops and heavy machinery are deployed in Daraa to intimidate civilians. They open fire intermittently and randomly arrest young men.
Shelling and Destruction
Darayya, Damascus Suburbs
Continuous shelling by the regime army has caused much destruction all over Darayya as can be seen in the footage showing the regime’s shelling of the town.
Joubar, Homs
The regime army continues to shell the city of Homs and its suburbs causing massive destruction.
Children’s suffering
Mouadamiyet al-Sham, Damascus Suburbs
Children are injured every day due to shelling and gunfire by the regime forces.

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