Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jasa UMNO untuk Sarawak

Singapore VS Sawarak (From nothing to something)

sarawak had 100X more natural resources than singapore from petroleum,palm oil,sugar,pepper,land and etc, you name it we have it but the gap of development between sarawak and singapore is so god damn huge. IF sharifah jabel(SW1M) is here she would say "Kenapa nak compare compare ini, kalau nak compare keluar dari malaysia,awak ingat manusia je yang ada masalah, haiwan pun ada masalah, kucing miao miao miao, anjing ,wo wo wo, jaws arr ,arr arr, burung krooo,krooo kroo"(man this is so fuck dup, inilah record janji detepati !!)

BN had constantly said that sarawak could not make it alone without the federation of malaysia and BN had contributed alot on the development of sarawak but if you put singapore as a benchmark now, we malaysia had fail miserably. singapore was once a small state in malaysia . After leaving malaysia ,if we look at the GDP ranking(2011) ,singapore now rank top 3 in the world (68,688) and malaysia only took the 57 spot at (16,051)....SHAME ON YOU BN ! ! 56 years of songlap duit rakyat !, enough is enough !!

On behalf of people of sarawak, i wanna say "FUCK TAIB MAHMUD, FUCK BN" , we have given them 50 years to make a change in this country, but they are giving all our country wealth to cronies !!! , we have given them enough chance !! is time for a change!! let's vote BN out this coming election !!

People might say hey sohai politicalgags why u go find kampung kampung picture of sarawak, well find me a kampung picture in singapore with muddy road on it :), macai tetap macai ,thanks for the message anyway

Sarawak vs dubai :

British vs Barisan nasional :

I sympathise with the Sarawakians.With an area almost the size of peninsula malaysia which is rich with minerals and timber,they should be the richest state in Malaysia but instead the Sarawakians are migrating to peninsula because they are hardly any jobs opportunity there.

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