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Unexploded shell inside the class room. Imagine if there were students inside it! 
Even beasts have mercy more than that tyrant Bashar!!

Hajjira El Balad- Damascus suburbs- 22/9/2012:
A horrible massacre!!
A passenger’s bus was targeted and shelled by Assad militias which led to the martyrdom of 13 people who were inside the bus.

Deir Ezzor City::

Regime forces bombarded the city of Deir Ezzor today using both military aircrafts and artillery shells. Many neighborhoods were affected by these ferocious attacks, including:
- Mattar Al-Qadeem
- Al-Jbeileh

•Military aircrafts shelling Deir Ezzor City

•Military aircrafts shelling Al-Jbeileh Neighborhood

•Military aircrafts shelling Hamidiyyeh Neighborhood

•Columns of smoke rising after the shelling

•Destruction caused by shelling of Deir Ezzor City

•Destruction caused by shelling of Al-Intilaq Street and the Faculty of Science

•Presence of Assad gangs and forces

•MiG fighter jets flying over the city

•Unidentified wounded person's last moments

•Unidentified person wounded as a result of the shelling
Mou Hassan::

MiG fighter jets flew over Mou Hassan, targeting several parts within the city with shells. Mou Hassan was also subjected to bombardment by artillery shelling and missiles.

•Military aircrafts flying over Mou Hassan

•Aerial attack on Mou Hassan by MiG planes

link to full report:

Daraa up to this moment: 

Khirbet Ghazaleh: A wounded person, in a critical condition, was reported due to gunfire from the northern checkpoint directed at the southern neighborhood of Katiba.

Kehail: Regime forces storm the southern neighborhood of the village using armored vehicles, amid a campaign of searching homes and stealing their contents.

Mohja: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army are reported on the International road, south of Mohja. They are accompanied by regime forces shelling the southern part of the town using tanks

Thousands and thousands of Syrian children stand on the doors of their schools and dream…
No money, no shelter. Some of them are orphaned, some are poor, some are afraid of going to school because the road isn’t safe.
No flowers to give to their teachers ¸no pencils to write with, no dreams ..
Children are paying the highest price in our journey to freedom…

Homs: The severest bombardment with various types of heavy weapons on Khaldiyeh neighborhood, causing the destruction of a number of homes and a spread of fires in the neighborhood

Aleppo: Fierce shelling with artillery and tanks on Sakhur neighborhood and twenty shell have landed on the neighborhood within two minutes accompanied with the violent clashes between the Free Syrian army and the regime forces stationed on Sakhur Bridge

This picture has moved me so deeply. Watching his wounds and being unable to comprehend what's happening to him. At this young fragile age children are being subjected to horror and killing before being able to understand the meaning of life. Where is the UNICEF? Don't they see what's happening to our children???

This man appeared at the beginning of the revolution on video and he became famous after saying: “ I am a human being, I am not an animal”.
Now he has became a commander of The Martyrs of Khirbet El Jouz battalion in Aleppo.
And he is saying to Bashar now: “ We are coming to Damascus to get you Bashar”. “ We are not afraid of your warplanes nor your weapons”.

The inhuman beasts shot and killed an old woman, they wouldn't let anyone near her. People were trying to drag her body but snipers were there. Out of no where a heroine went and bravely dragged the martyr's body.
Syrians are setting new meanings for heroism to the world.

Why do they hate our children this much? Why do they kill them? What's the reason behind all this hatred? Look at the fear appearing on his face. Heart breaking!!!!!!
Rest in peace precious child you are in heaven now...

With criminality never seen before, the regime is now destroying the buildings in Damascus according with pre-planning. A number of residential regions are witnessing the destruction of buildings by exploding them, like Al Tadamon, Al Qaboun and Al Zahera neighborhoods. This is a new plan by the regime for remapping Damascus and getting rid of revolutionary neighborhoods. 
Damascus, Shabiha bombing buildings in Al Zahera Al Jadeeda 
Oct. 9, 2012

A young man but not like other young men..he was involved in relief works with displaced Syrian families..he is a true human being.
Mohammad Damour a student at Mechanical engineering faculty, he was arrested three months ago. Some people said that he is locked up inside the dark cells of the intelligence branch in Damascus, others say he is still in Aleppo. Nothing is confirmed, the only thing we know about him is that he is a detainee at the Intelligence services.
Freedom for all our detainees, only God knows under what conditions they are living and what kind of torture they are facing!!!

123 days have passed and the citizens of 14 neighborhoods in Homs are under siege.
A message to the deaf world:
Break the siege on Homs!!

This ultra brave heroine stood up for the thugs when they broke into her house and tried to defend it. But the fight wasn't equal so they broke her feet and looted everything that was in the house then they burned it.

No word can describe her heroism and no word can describe how low they are!!!
Our martyrs are the candles that will light our way to freedom. You will never be forgotten.
Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The number of martyrs in Syria has risen to 51, among them women and children. 14 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs (among them 3 field-executed in Tadamon), 14 in Idlib, 10 in Daraa, 6 in Homs, 5 in Aleppo, 1 in Deir Ezzor and 1 martyr from Hama who was martyred in Idlib

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